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Paging Solutions Videos for Opticians




Our Brand new CS7 coaster pager for customers and guests and our new T7470 transmitter has a unique 'Acknowledge' feature that tells the paging system if the 'page' has been received by the pager - with obvious advantages - this is unique to LRS and this makes all competitive products obsolete overnight! Ask us for full details.

And we have now released our CS6 customer and patient pager with most features from the CS7.

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We will be showing all of our newest products for the Restaurant, Health and Safety and Opticians at trade shows throughout the year.

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Opticians Pager Systems Videos

We have developed in the UK a specialised paging system solutions just for Opticians and in particular the way in which the handover of the customer is handled in the test room.

From extensive tests it has been found that the handover actually in the test room by the optom back to sales is by far the most effective method and substantially increases both the close rate and the individual sales per head through the opticians, and in turn that increases the profitability of the opticians while also increasing the customer experience.

If the system is used as directed here we guarantee that you will increase your close rate and individual sales with these systems.


Our video demonstrations are now on www.YouTube.com/longrangesystemsuk for viewing.


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