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Spa's and Salons Paging Solutions




Our Brand new CS7 coaster pager for customers and guests and our new T7470 transmitter has a unique 'Acknowledge' feature that tells the paging system if the 'page' has been received by the pager - with obvious advantages - this is unique to LRS and this makes all competitive products obsolete overnight! Ask us for full details.

And we have now released our CS6 customer and patient pager with most features from the CS7.

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We will be showing all of our newest products for the Restaurant, Health and Safety and Opticians at trade shows throughout the year.

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Salons and Spa's Paging System

spa In today’s competitive spa and salon markets, customers demand the best treatments at an affordable price. Long Range Systems offers three solutions to help these industries become more efficient in their daily operations.

The goal of all LRS’ spa products has been to increase your revenue while decreasing your overhead and expenses. With LRS products, you spend less time running around and more time in front of customers where service is king.



  • Enhance Atmosphere
  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost Sales

Customer Paging Solutions

      cs7customerpager Retain more walk-in customers by allowing them to be notified by pager. Give them freedom while they wait. Customers are no longer confined to the lobby waiting area. They can easily be reached with our Coaster Call, AdverTeaser or their personal cell phone .

> CS7 Coaster Call
> AdverTeaser Paddle Pager


Patient and Staff PC Paging System


Netpage Unlimited gives you the ability to instantly and discreetly notify waiting patients or busy staff throughout your facility from virtually any web browser. With Netpage Unlimited, you can contact them with LRS hospital pagers ,an SMS text to their cell phone, or an email. Netpage Unlimited is web-based and works from any networked PC or Mac.

> PC Paging - Netpage Unlimited
> PC Netpage Standard


Room to Room Push Button Paging

ButlerII  > Butler II

The Butler II allows you to notify staff from each treatment room. Each room can send five different messages to 5 different staff members. Whether it’s notifying another staff member you need assistance or just notifying the front desk that you are free to take walk-ins, Butler II makes communication simple. The Butler II also enables clients to notify staff when they are ready.

> Pushbutton Paging - The Butler II