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Hotels and Resorts Paging Solutions




Our Brand new CS7 coaster pager for customers and guests and our new T7470 transmitter has a unique 'Acknowledge' feature that tells the paging system if the 'page' has been received by the pager - with obvious advantages - this is unique to LRS and this makes all competitive products obsolete overnight! Ask us for full details.

And we have now released our CS6 customer and patient pager with most features from the CS7.

Please check our new offers...


We will be showing all of our newest products for the Restaurant, Health and Safety and Opticians at trade shows throughout the year.

Please check back soon.

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Hotels and Resorts Paging Systems

Resort Hotels and resorts are customer centric businesses. With guests demanding the best service available, hotels and resorts need more efficient ways of meeting those demands. Our pagers and communications equipment, help hotels and resorts improve communication between staff and guests.

We even offer solutions that will drive growth for your beach and poolside food and beverage sales.


  • Increase Food & Beverage Sales
  • Improve Your Guest Experience
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Response Time
  • Boost Staff Productivity and Efficiency


Guest Room Paging Solutions

Our guest pagers will allow you to notify any waiting guests immediately when their room is ready for occupation. Guests no longer have to keep checking with the desk since your staff can notify them where ever they are. Guest room paging is an important piece to enhancing your level of guest service. 

> CS7 Coaster Pagers
> Paddle Pagers
> T7470 Transmitter for SMS Text


Staff PC and Stand Alone Paging System


Our staff pagers will improve communication between your staff, decrease response time, and increase efficiency. Better communication equals better business. Immediately notify housekeeping, maintenance, front desk or concierge staff with our paging and communication solutions.

> Netpage Unlimited - Page or SMS message staff from your web browser
> Waiter Paging - For Hotel & Resort Restaurants


Beach and Poolside Paging


Provide on-demand service for your guests. The Beach Butler paging system makes it easy for guests to order food and drinks or to request assistance. They don't have to leave the comfort of their chair or leave children unattended. All that's required is the push of a button and your staff is notified via alphanumeric text message where service is needed. Because it's so easy to place an order, you'll see an immediate increase in food and beverage sales.

> Butler XP


Room to Room Push Button Paging

ButlerII  > Butler II

Send a message to staff pagers immediately with the touch of a button.




Two Way Radios

> Two Way Radios
Communicate effectively using two-way radios by Long Range Systems.