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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - FAQs

  1. Who is pager.co.uk ... ?
  2. Where are your offices ... ?
  3. Who uses your pager systems ... ?
  4. What about service ... ?
  5. How do your systems work ... ?
  6. Which other industries do you supply ... ?
  7. Does my pager system need a licence ... ?
  8. Will I be tied in to a contract term ... ?
  9. Can I obtain some customer references confirming quality and service levels ... ?

Who is pager.co.uk ... ?

pager.co.uk is actually one of many sites that Long Range Systems UK operates and the pager.co.uk site is wholly owned by us. As a manufacturer, and not a distributor or dealer, you can be sure that our pricing, support and service, not to mention quality is actually second to none worldwide.

Where are your offices ... ?

Our UK Offices are based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. However LRS has over 20 offices around the world with the HQ based in Dallas Texas USA.

Who uses your pager system ... ?

We have a policy of not disclosing our customers to others. This is partially by our wish, but also as a direct request for this from some of the largest companies here in the UK. However, if we did disclose our customers to you we guarantee that you have heard of most of the larger ones, from massive fast food, through pub chains, to high street retail and many more. We do in fact supply over 20 industries here in the UK. We have references available (thousands) so do ask us for those.

What about service ... ?

As the leading manufacturer and patent holder worldwide of on-site wireless paging systems our service is second to none. The reasons are simple, dealing with distributors and dealers with warranty repairs costs them money. But in the case of a manufacturer you cut out the middle man - and we offer a new for old warranty for up to 3 years which is extendable upon request. No other company offers this warranty level and support.

How do your systems work ... ?

Our pager systems here in the UK operate by wireless at a frequency of 459.100Mhz. This is the UK allocated frequency for on-site wireless pager systems so you are within the law as per delivery of your equipment. We preconfigure everything exactly to your requirements and it is only very rare that we need to install on site for you. Other companies charge up to £500.00 for installation - but for our equipment you will be just that much ahead with budget than when you buy from distributors or dealers. If you require equipment that needs licensing by OFCOM here in the UK we can apply for and maintain your license for you at no other cost than the license fee (which is minimal).

Which other industries do you supply ... ?

Here are a few of the industries we supply, but please be aware that there are many more. We tailor our equipment for each industry, so do not be surprised if after looking at this site that you might think we cannot help. You would be wrong, so please do call us on 01782 537000.Heres the industry list: restaurants, churches (crèche), healthcare and NHS, hotels, leisure, schools and universities, car dealerships, professional offices, casinos, retail locations, fast food chains, pharmacies, spa and salons, opticians, nurseries, country clubs, grocery and supermarkets, health clubs, cafes/coffee shops, manufacturing and many more

Does my pager system need a licence ... ?

In the United Kingdom pager systems need an OFCOM license... but don't worry, these cost just £75.00 for five years and we can apply for you for free if you want us to.

Will I be tied in to a contract term ... ?

There are no contracts on any of our equipment, even on services for SMS texts etc. you can even pay for just one month if you wish.

Can I obtain some customer references confirming quality and service levels ... ?

Absolutely! lease call us on 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form and we'll be happy to help.