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Paddle Pager Adverteaser : Customers, Guests



Our Brand new CS7 coaster pager for customers and guests and our new T7470 transmitter has a unique 'Acknowledge' feature that tells the paging system if the 'page' has been received by the pager - with obvious advantages - this is unique to LRS and this makes all competitive products obsolete overnight! Ask us for full details.

And we have now released our CS6 customer and patient pager with most features from the CS7.

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We will be showing all of our newest products for the Restaurant, Health and Safety and Opticians at trade shows throughout the year.

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Adverteaser pager for customer, guest and general retail

The Adverteaser paddle pager was designed with the customer in mind. To minimize breakage, we chose to bypass acrylic and manufactures its pagers with durable Lexan material, the strongest plastic available. LRS Adver-teaser has no exposed screws to prevent customer tampering. With its one-piece construction, the paddle pager is extremely durable.

The large, double-sided advertising area holds standard business cards maximizing your marketing potential. For easy customization, these business cards can be purchased at any office supply store and printed on a standard laser printer.

Utilizing 4 LED messaging lights and the strongest vibration on the market, you can be assured your guests will never miss a page.


  • No exposed screws prevents tampering
  • One-piece paddle construction
  • Shock-resistant casing
  • Longest possible range
  • Standard, business-card-size advertising area
  • Vibration, flash, beep, or flash/beep alert modes
  • Built-in anti theft mode
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Nickel metal hydride batteries
  • Overall size: 2.25 " x 7.0"
    UHF frequency (420-470 MHz)
  • Battery life is about 48 hours on a single charge

Adverteaser Paddle Pager BENEFITS

  • Reduce no shows and walk aways
  • Quote more accurate wait times
  • Reduce customer anxiety while waiting
  • Find guests faster
  • Eliminate overhead paging 


Paddle Pager Adverteaser used in NHS and Healthcare

Used for Patient Paging

The Adverteaser is used throughout the UK in Healthcare and NHS establishments and is fully approved for use in all business sectors.



Adver-teaser Paddle Pager

Guest and Customer Pager